Steinsaltz Center in Jerusalem

The Steinsaltz Center, located at 4-6 Harav Iraqi Street in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem, is the heart and soul of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz's worldwide efforts. Opened in 2003, the new Center provides a permanent home for the Rabbi's educational and scholarly initiatives, as well as a space in which future scholars and lay people alike can study the teachings and methodology of Rabbi Steinsaltz.

This beautiful building, dedicated in 2003, houses the Rabbi's personal library and Beit Midrash (study hall), along with his offices, collected archives, and research institutes. The Center also holds a public lecture hall and several classrooms that have allowed the building to truly become a center of Jewish learning.

Current programs at the Steinsaltz Center include:

  • Initiative for Jewish Learning.  This initiative has attracted thousands of adult students with a rich calendar of programs and weekly classes.  To learn more and view the schedule of the Initiative for Jewish Learning, click here.  For more information contact, contact the Steinsaltz Center at 02-646-0900, or e-mail
  • Ta'anit Lecture Series
  • Maimonides Project
  • Advanced Kollel
  • Midrash Ikkar



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The Steinsaltz Center

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4-6 Iraqi Street

Nachlaot, Jerusalem

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