Study Tractate Ta'anit

Come learn a daf (page) of Ta'anit a week and on November 7, 2010, join with Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz and Jews around the world in a Siyyum, a celebration of that learning.

You can learn in English, with the essays linked below, or in Hebrew, through a weekly study program at the Steinsaltz Center in Jerusalem, which is also available online in video format.

The Siyyum of the study of the fourth chapter of this Tractate, and of the entire Tractate, will be part of the Global Day of Jewish Learning, uniting Jews from all over the world in various organizations and communities, from Detriot and Paris through Jerusalem and Ramat HaSharon to Hong Kong and Buenos Aires, in a joint day of Jewish learning. Partners in the Global Day and in creating its curricula are numerous organizations and communities from all over the world, such as the JDC, the Union of US Jewish Federations, the OU, Hillel, the JCCs, and others.

In order to create a common basis for all learners as well as enable study in a variety of languages we have chosen Tractate Ta'anit, which has been translated into English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Introduction to the Tractate
Ta'anit 2a-b
Ta'anit 3a-b
Ta'anit 4a-b
Ta'anit 5a-b
Ta'anit 6a-b
Ta'anit 7a-b
Ta'anit 8a-b
Ta'anit 9a-b
Ta'anit 10a-b
Ta'anit 11a-b
Ta'anit 12a-b
Ta'anit 13a-b
Ta'anit 14a-b
Ta'anit 15a-b
Ta'anit 16a-b
Ta'anit 17a-b
Ta'anit 18a-b
Ta'anit 19a-b
Ta'anit 20a-b
Ta'anit 21a-b
Ta'anit 22a-b
Ta'anit 23a-b
Ta'anit 24a-b
Ta'anit 25a-b
Ta'anit 26a-b
Ta'anit 27a-b
Ta'anit 28a-b
Ta'anit 29a-b
Ta'anit 30a-b
Ta'anit 31a