The Steinsaltz Ambassadors

The Mekor Chaim Ambassadors program brings Rabbi Steinsaltz's teachings, inspiration - and students - to communities across the United States.


This year, the Mekor Chaim/Steinsaltz Ambassadors are posted in New Jersey and in the Washington, D.C. area.  They are selected from among the best students in the Rabbi's hesder yeshiva, an intense five year program that combines Israeli army service with advanced Jewish studies.


Inaugurated in 2005 in Highland Park, NJ, the Mekor Chaim/Steinsaltz Ambassadors teach Jewish texts in the classroom, synagogue, and in chevruta sessions, lead youth groups, study one-on-one with students at all levels and help organize cultural programs in schools, Hillels and in other institutions.


The Ambassadors Program is a mutually enriching endeavor. For the communities, the Ambassadors facilitate a deepened approach to Jewish learning and literacy across the spectrum of Jewish observance. They also model Rabbi Steinsaltz's philosophy that Judaism is not a single, compartmentalized part of life, but a way of life that influences and informs every aspect of how one relates to and operates in the world. At the same time, the Ambassadors sharpen the skills they will need in their work as rabbis, teachers and community leaders. The Ambassadors also begin to understand the concerns, interests, talents and needs of American Jewry - insights that will be invaluable to them in their future roles as Jewish leaders.


As one parent wrote "As a parent, these are just the type of role models I want for my children: young men who are truly dedicated to Torah, Israel and learning, but who are not overtly 'teaching': just sharing a beautiful warmth and passion for Torah in all they do."


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