The Thirteen Petalled Rose - Expanded Edition

The Thirteen Petalled Rose - Expanded EditionSeptember 10, 2006

For more than twenty-five years, modern readers seeking answers to ancient questions about the nature of their existence in God's universe have turned to The Thirteen Petalled Rose.  This new and expanded edition of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz's contemporary classic, which includes two additional chapters, seeks to bring the fundamental notions of Kabbalah to an ever-growing audience of spiritual seekers.


The title of the book comes from the symbolic image used to represent the People of Israel in the opening lines of the mystical Jewish text known as the Zohar.  In The Thirteen Petalled Rose (perhaps Rabbi Steinsaltz's most famous work), he seeks to open new vistas for understanding the man-God relationship and how moral human beings should conduct their lives.


The Thirteen Petalled Rose addresses profound topics like good and evil, Divine revelation, the human soul, holiness, ethical ways of life, the Torah and its commandments, the search for the self, and the nature of spiritual worlds and their relationship to the physical.  The expanded edition (Basic Books, 2006) also features a new preface by the author, as well as new chapters on the Kabbalistic view of prayer and devotion (click here to read Rabbi Steinsaltz's elaboration on this chapter in the Houston Jewish Herald-Voice) and an analysis of Elijah the Prophet's Introduction to the Zohar. 


Rabbi Steinsaltz's vast knowledge of science, psychology, mysticism, and philosophy come together in The Thirteen Petalled Rose as he translates the ancient concepts of Kabbalah into an intelligible language for a new generation of readers.