Hiyya bar Rav

חִיָּיא בַּר רב – Ḥiyya, son of Rav and a Babylonian amora. Although Rav had additional descendants, only Ḥiyya followed in his footsteps and became one of the prominent Sages of his generation. We know that during Rav’s life as well as after his death, Rav’s students looked after Ḥiyya. Even Rav’s close friend, Shmuel, treated Ḥiyya fondly, because of his relationship with his father. Rav loved his son dearly, and even when he was a child, Rav took great pleasure in his son’s wisdom. Since Ḥiyya suffered from ill health, Rav gave him various bits of medical advice. Ḥiyya’s son, Rav Shimi bar Ḥiyya, was among the great amora’im of the next generation.

This description of Ḥiyya bar Rav appears in Tractate Berakhot of the Koren Talmud Bavli English first edition, p98.

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