person on a threshold

threshhold2 In the case of a person on a threshold who was reading a sacred text written on a scroll and that scroll unrolled and landed on a karmelit – an intermediate category of domain between a private domain and a public domain (Mishna Berura), if one end of the scroll remained in his hand, he may roll it back to him. That is the ruling even if the threshold was a private domain, i.e., four by four handbreadths and ten handbreadths high, and the scroll unrolled into a public domain. This was permitted in order to prevent disrespect for the sacred text. However, if the book fell from his hand completely, he is permitted to roll it back only if it rolled into a karmelit.

This image was taken from the English edition of the Koren Talmud Bavli, Tractate Shabbat, daf 5, page 23.

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