Rabbeinu Tam

Rabbi Jacob ben Meir, called Rabbeinu or Rabbeinu Tam – “Straightforward”. Renowned 12th century French tosafist. His illustrious family include his grandfather, Rashi, and older brothers, the Rashbam and Rivam. Legend has it that Rashi predicted his grandson’s eventual disagreement with the contents of tefillim worn on the head. Rabbeinu did eventually disagree, which resulted in two types of tefillin. Their disagreement on how to hang a mezuza led to why many hang them at an angle – as a compromise between Rashi’s instructions for vertical hanging and Rabbeinu’s for horizontal.

Rabbeinu’s most famous work is the Sefer HaYashar, portions of which have been lost over time. This commentary and responsa is predominantly an argument (and a case study) against emendations to source text.

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