Rav Shneur Zalman of Liadi

שניאור זלמן מליאדי – Shneur Zalman  ben Baruch, also called HaRav, Baal HaTanya and RaShaZ.  Born in 1745 in Liadi – Lyady, in what is now Belarus. The founder and first Rebbe of Chabad, and author of several major works in modern Jewish philosophy. These include a commentary and reworking of the Shulḥan Aruk, refered to as the Sulḥan Aruk HaRav ( שולחן ערוך הרב); the Torah Or and Likutei Torah, compendiums of treatises on the Torah arranged by parashayot; and the Tanya, one of the most influential pieces of Orthodox Jewish mysticism.

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