עוּלָּא – Ulla, first generation amora generally understood to be Ulla bar Yishmael. One of of Rabbi Yoḥanan’s students, he served regularly as an emissary bringing the Torah of the land of Israel to Babylonia, also bringing the innovations of the Babylonian Sages to the land of Israel. Ulla journeyed often and would travel from place to place to teach Torah (which is why Yalta called him a “peddler”). Rav Ḥisda referred to him as, “our Rabbi who comes from the land of Israel,” and Rav Yehuda sent his son to Ulla to learn practical halakha. In the Talmud Yerushalmi, where he is normally referred to as Ulla son of Yishmael (or “Ulla the descender”) many teachings are cited in his name, and many eminent Sages of the succeeding generation were his students. We know nothing of his private life. The amora Rabba bar Ulla may have been his son. We do know that he died during a journey in Babylonia and was brought back to the land of Israel for burial.

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