A town in Judea. After the destruction of the Temple, it became an important Torah center and the seat of the . Apparently, Yavne had been a center of Torah study even before the Temple was destroyed, but it attained great prominence only after the destruction of the Temple, when Rabban Yoḥanan ben Zakhai reestablished the Sanhedrin there. Yavne’s status as the spiritual center of the entire Jewish population in Eretz Yisrael continued until the time of the Bar Kokheva revolt. The Yavne , initially headed by Rabban Yoḥanan ben Zakkai and later by Rabban Gamliel II of Yavne, attracted many of the greatest Torah scholars of that era. At Yavne, many ordinances were instituted to restore Jewish religious and spiritual life after the destruction of the Temple.

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