A Dear Son to Me

A Dear Son to Me:

A Collection of Speeches and Articles

coverdearson“The prophet Jeremiah knew all there was to know about Israel; he said very harsh things, chastised people, and prophesied – yet he did not, for a single moment, give up on the Jews. And after all his admonitions, see how he concludes his speech: ‘Is Ephraim a dear son to Me? Is he a darling child? For whenever I speak of him,’ – whatever and wherever he may be – ‘I remember him still; therefore My inward parts are moved for him, I will surely have compassion on him, says the Lord.'”

A Dear Son To Me is a rare collection of Rabbi Steinsaltz’s talks and articles related to and directed to the People of Israel, in the land of Israel and throughout the world. Because this book is so closely based on the Rabbi’s lectures and personal writing, his voice is preserved and his warmth and authenticity as an educator shine through.

dearsonA Dear Son To Me allows readers to get to know Rabbi Steinsaltz and to overhear conversations held with his closest students and friends. On topics ranging from what is a Jew and the clash between science and Torah, to the boundaries of holiness and peace and the land of Israel, this book demonstrates the Rabbi’s great concern for the wide variety of issues facing the Jewish people today.