The Passover Haggada

The Passover Haggada

coverhaggadaThis new edition of the Passover Haggada, and Rabbi Steinsaltz’s crystal clear commentary on the traditional Haggada text, makes the Seder night – the most ancient rite of the Jewish people – come alive as never before. The commentary illuminates the Haggada while the additional notes further explore, and expand on, each subject. From Koren Publishers Jersualem comes this clear and eminently usable Haggada, to help your family bring forth renewed meaning and joy in the Passover tradition.

“The continuum of the Passover observance [endures] not only in its basic appearance, but even in its finer details: The child who asks the four questions (whether or not he can carry a tune) voices words and phrases almost identical to those of the child who asked those very same question at his family’s seder when the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem almost two thousand years ago.”

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