The Miracle of the Seventh Day

The Miracle of the Seventh Day:

A Guide to the Spiritual Meaning, Significance,
and Weekly Practice of the Jewish Sabbath

seventhdayThe observance of the Sabbath is one of the most important precepts in Judaism. In The Miracle of the Seventh Day, Rabbi Steinsaltz provides an ideal companion and guide for the Sabbath table. The book is written both for those who know very little and for those well-versed in the rituals, traditions, and customs of Shabbat, as celebrated by the family at home.

For those unfamiliar with Sabbath observance, it may serve as a guidebook to assist them in following or conducting a Shabbat meal, complete with blessings before and after the meal and hymns sung at the table.

For those already knowledgeable, Miracle of the Seventh Day will shed new light upon the spiritual significance of various elements of the Sabbath and provide further insight into the history and development of the prayers and traditions of the day.

This is a definitive work that every Jewish individual and family should have for basic reference and a lifetime of practical use.