Rosh Hashanah Greetings 5767

Dear Friends:

This past year has been overshadowed by a war that, despite the loss of many lives, has not had a decisive outcome. A thorough examination of the war, its course and its results, will probably be carried out both within and outside of Israel, by the public and by experts. However, in preparation for the coming year, we can all -individuals and leaders alike – say a prayer for the future.

Let us pray, then, that the Almighty give us wisdom – wisdom of the mind and wisdom of the heart – that will enable us to do what should be done and to refrain from what should not be done; may our actions be motivated not by our passions or ephemeral considerations; and may we be able to distinguish between major and minor issues, between the important and the worthless – and to choose properly.

Along with this prayer and the intention of our hearts, let us pray that the coming year will be a better year in every possible way ┬ábe it in the life of the entire Jewish people throughout the world, in the world -embracing decisions of nations and states, and in the small – yet equally important – decisions of each and every individual. May all our actions, great and small, be steered by clear vision, honesty and kindness of heart.


With blessings for a good and sweet year, in both matter and spirit,

Adin Steinsaltz