The Steinsaltz Humash

This masterwork of Jewish thought is modern and insightful, with notes regarding everything from archaeology to zoology. It is truly a transformative experience to learn with it and from it. Fueled with a lifelong mission to make learning accessible to Jews of all backgrounds, Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz has included a treasure trove of information to make this edition of the Jewish Bible accessible and user-friendly.

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As with his extraordinary commentary and translation of the Talmud, Rabbi Steinsaltz’s Bible (TaNaKh) is the work of many years of scholarship. The final product will be open and accessible, incorporating Rabbi Steinsaltz’s unique and humane outlook along with his sterling intellect, for an edition that is clear and concise. To study with this edition gives readers the chance to delve deeper.

Some of the key features unique to the Steinsaltz Hebrew-English Humash include:

  • English and Hebrew on facing pages
  • Haftorot and Parshayot
  • Explanations of places, nationalities, flora and fauna that are mentioned in the biblical text
  • Verse-by-verse elucidations written in clear, simple language to make the text as accessible as possible
  • Rashi’s commentary complements the text in a readable typeface
  • Supplemental background materials, cross-references found elsewhere in Tanakh
  • Alternative interpretations and linguistic notes

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The format of the text allows the reader to focus on the meaning of the text, or to explore further through photographs and incisive notes about history, archaeology, personalities and language. The Steinsaltz Humash Louis Weisfeld edition, comprising the 5 books of Moses, can be used by congregants in synagogues, by individuals, and by families at home.

This new commentary will greatly invigorate Bible study by applying Rabbi Steinsaltz’s unique and humane outlook, sterling intellect and clear, relatable analysis to the Jewish Bible. Rabbi Steinsaltz is perhaps the only living religious thinker who is admired and accepted across the religious spectrum. Not since Rashi, a millennium ago, has one scholar composed both an elucidation of the Talmud and of the Tanakh. Rabbi Steinsaltz is the first person to have translated and elucidated the entire Jewish canon. His 60+ books on Torah, Jewish mysticism, philosophy and theology have been published in a dozen languages.

Special Editions

NOW AVAILABLE: A single-edition printing of Tehillim (Psalms) is available for purchase from Koren Publishers in this unique volume of Tanakh. Psalms will be included in the complete Tanakh publication, but this standalone volume is a collector’s item to grace the most distinguished of shelves.

COMING SOON: A special collection of the Five Megillot (Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes and Esther) will be released by Koren Publishers in 2019. The Five Megillot will be included in the complete Tanakh publication.

PREVIEW: read the Book of Esther.

Forthcoming books of Tanakh

In addition to the single-volume Humash, a second edition containing all 24 books of Tanakh (including Nevi’im and Ketubim), will appear as a three-volume edition (slated for 2019).

Take a look at the Book of Jonah with commentary and illuminating notes from Rabbi Steinsaltz, in this early preview of the Steinsaltz Tanakh.